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PHD-HM5, The Most Advanced HD Media Player!
Operation 101:  
Get Started:  
l After PHD-HM5 powered up, it will take several seconds to boot-up to operation mode. Unit will show "BOOTING UP" screen and "PHD Loading" screen during this booting.

Note: Click pictures on left side to view more details.
l Depending on initial input connections, if user connects both USB device and network, the menu screen will show all three icons. Otherwise, one icon will be grey out.
Set Up Menu: l Use remote control Navigation RIGHT key to move to "SETUP" icon, which will be highlighted. Press "OK" key on remote control to enter sub-menu.

l The first "Audio" icon is highlighted. User can either select Dolby 5.1/7.1 or Stereo audio channel output. And select Internal Digital Decode to output from R/L connectors and HDMI, or select SPDIF Bypass to output from TOSLINK (optical) connector and HDMI.

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l Move to the next "Video" icon so user can fine-tune different video settings.

v HDMI/YPbPr: User can select video resolution from 480p to 1080i when using Component (Y-Pb-Pr) as video output. Or select any resolution (up to 1080p) for HDMI use.
v Frame rate: For US system, need to select 60Hz/NTSC option.
v Aspect ratio: Default value is "Auto". User can change aspect ratio anytime when press "IMAGE CHANGE" key on remote control.
v Intelligent play: Default value is "ON".
l Move to the next "Basics" icon so user can fine-tune more different settings.

v Language: Default is English.
v Subtitle: Default is English. User can select different subtitles layer by pressing "SUBTITLE" key on remote control if subtitle is available.
v Photo: Default is Multi File so user can display many different picture files.
v Loop Play: Select "Loop" to keep playing same file.  
v Time Setting: More controls on setting different times on picture slides and screen saver.

l Move to the next "Home Net" icon to set up IP address for network connection.

For local home network, like other PC network device, user can choose either DHCP or Static IP address. Then move to "Test Network" button to detect, automatically select and test the IP address valid or not. Finally move to "SAVE" button and enter OK to memorize the new IP settings.
l Move to the next "Software Version" icon to upgrade new firmware.

Once select "Upgrade" button, PHD-HM5 will try to search available firmware (bin) file on USB ports. If it finds the correct matched version, it will prompt user to upgrade or cancel the action. Press OK key on remote to upgrade new firmware. Follow the process in Firmware Downloads section to complete the firmware upgrading process.
USB Menu:

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l Use remote control Navigation key to move to "USB" icon, which will be highlighted. Press "OK" key on remote control to enter sub-menu.

l Sub-menu shows which USB devices connected to PHD-HM5 and automatically assigns device names like, sda1, sdb1, etc.
  Playing Video Files:  
  l Use Navigation key to select device and enter to its folders for examples, "1080p demo" or "Music".

l Choose "1080p demo" for an example. Press OK to enter and show all available files.

l Press OK key again to play the specific file. Also, user can move to right side and check the small white box to pick the files only needed to play.

After the video file is played, PHD-HM5 will show the numbers of audio tracks, content name and how many chapters (files) in the current folder with which chapter (file) is currently showing on top left corner of screen.
  Playing Music Files:  
  l Use "BACK" key a few times to return to folder screen and select "Music" folder with OK key.

l PHD-HM5 shows current available music files.

l By selecting the file or check the small white box on the right side to listen the desired music files.

Music screen will be like that. PHD-HM5 will show the current music file name and time bar progress.

l User can use Navigation LEFT and RIGHT keys as SEEK function to move forward and backward to certain point and press OK to listen music up to that point.
  Displaying Picture Files:

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l Use "BACK" key a few times to return to folder screen and select "Pictures" folder then press OK key.

l PHD-HM5 shows current available picture / photo files.

l Then selecting desire files to view pictures and photos on TV screen.
  l See the example of picture showing on TV screen.

l During the SETUP menu -> Basics -> Photo, if select "Slide Show" option, PHD-HM5 will continue display all photos as slide show.
  Displaying with Digital Camcorder or Camera:  
l User can easily connect digital camera or camcorder to one of USB port of PHD-HM5. After a few seconds, unit detects new USB device and shows new device names and new folders.
l If connecting to digital camera, find the folders contains all photo files and press OK key to view individual photo or do slide show.

l If connecting to digital camcorder, find the video file (for example, *.MOD in this case) to display all video files on TV screen.
  Combining SEEK, Fast-Forward, TIME code, and Chapter Jump features:
l Anytime during video/movie playing, user can press PAUSE key to pause video. Screen will show time bar with current time code point and complete duration of the video.

l Then user can press Navigation LEFT and RIGHT keys as SEEK function to quickly search and move to any time code point of current video.

l Combining FF key (x2 ~ x32) with SEEK >> and back SEEK << to easily find any point of the video.

l User can also use TIME key on remote control to bring up and enter proper time code value or chapter number so PHD-HM5 can display video to that point or chapter  (file) accordingly.

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  Remedy of Lip-sync problem:  
l PHD-HM5 has an unique feature to allow user to adjust subtitle text and in-sync with movie speech. Hence to take care so-called lip-sync problem if ever occurred.

l When watching movie, if subtitle is available, user can press remote control Navigation UP and DOWN keys to adjust "Time Offset" value by 0.5 second increment each time.
Home Net Menu:  
l PHD-HM5 provides network connectivity, which can play and share media files from other PC of your local home network without copying files to USB drives.

l If Ethernet port is connected, then move to "Home Net". The icon will be turned on and highlighted.

Press OK key to enter Home Net sub-menu, it will show network device name(s), typically, your other local PCs on the net. In this case, it is EP88.
l On your PC side, we recommend to install Microsoft Windows Media Player version 11. It can be downloaded from Microsoft free. This new version is more intelligent to detect network media devices such like PHD-HM5.

l On Windows screen bottom toolbar, PC detects unknown device on the net.

After clicking, the pop-up screens are further asking to allow sharing and confirm the unknown device. Once it is confirmed, PHD-HM5 will immediately access and share media files from this PC.

l Furthermore, if PC installed other media server program like "TwonkyMedia Manager", which can further connect to Internet to access certain public media files, too.
l After this point, each sub-folder will be similar like from USB device.

l User will be able to select the desired video, movie, music and photos to view.

l Since the speed of Ethernet is 10/100M, the data transfer speed is fast enough, PHD-HM5 can play HD video from net work smoothly.

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