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PHD-HM5, The Most Advanced HD Media Player!
Are you ready to PrimeDTV HD Media Player?  
The true reasons that PrimeDTV HD Media player, PHD-HM5, can stand out in the media player market are not only our low cost, also superior video quality, extremely reliable design, easy to hook up, and intuitive set up menu. You will like it a lot!

PHD-HM5 provides the most convenient way to play HD movies or user-generated videos, listen to high-quality digital music, and show high-resolution slideshows of your family photos on your TV. With outputs HDMI (up to1080p), Component Y-Pb-Pr (1080i/720p/480p) and inputs from USB 2.0 and Ethernet, PHD-HM5 guarantees maximum performance while delivering the ultimate quality in high definition video and audio.

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Application Highlights
Watch video or movies up to 1080p or Blu-ray quality.
Directly play native video, audio, or picture contents (files) from external USB drive or local home network without spending time or money to convert files or burn discs.
Connecting your digital camcorder to one of PHD-HM5 USB port and watch your recorded video right on HDTV screen.
Display your digital camera pictures on HDTV screen by connecting to USB port. Show your high mega-pixel digital pictures on TV screen beautifully.
PHD-HM5 is network file-sharing friendly. Easy to detect and connect with Windows Media Player 11 program. Display A/V files smoothly via home network.
Eliminate expensive Blu-ray players or any DVD players by playing your own discs from local PC or external drive. No need to insert or remove your disc from players anymore!
Portable design and easy to hook up, which makes PHD-HM5 the best choice of providing high-definition entertainment experience in any environment.
PHD-HM5 provides additional component output
(Y-Pb-Pr) as second option when connecting to your HDTV inputs.
By default setting, or set to 720p output resolution, PHD-HM5 can output both component and HDMI in the same time. Two TVs can share the same unit!

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Things to know before using PHD-HM5:  
Pre-set Values:
  PHD-HM5 is designed to detect any input connections automatically. It constantly checks USB and network input ports.

PHD-HM5 output resolution is set to 720p as default value after manufacturing so users can connect to either TV component or HDMI input. To take full advantage of 1080p image on TV, user needs to change the resolution to 1080p in "SETUP" menu.

Right after connecting to Power Adapter, PHD-HM5 instantly power on as LED turning to blue light. Unit front panel has standby button so user can turn off PHD-HM5 into standby mode (LED red light) to save energy. Press standby button again to turn on the unit (LED becomes blue) and unit will take several seconds to complete booting.
Remote Control:

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1. POWER: Same function as "Standby/ON" button on front panel. It will take about 2 or 3 seconds to turn off (Red Light) or several seconds to boot up (Blue Light).








    & DOWN
l Quick scroll up and down screen by screen (or page by page) to find the specific file to play.
l Use PAGE UP and DOWN keys to quick jump to the next or previosu video, music or picture to play.
3. Fast
Provide 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x fast forward during playing video. This is software implemented method. Based on different file formats the speed result may vary. However, by combining SEEK function with NAVIGATION left and right keys as well as TIME key, PHD-HM5 will provide very useful way to search to right point of video content.
4. STOP: Instantly stop playing current video, audio or picture files and bring back to file list screen.
If video or movie has built-in different audio channels, press this key to switch in between.
Use this key to change different video aspect ratio. There are 3 options: 16:9, 4:3, and AUTO modes
7. SUBTITLE: If video or movie comes with text subtitle file even including several different language like English, French, Spanish, or Chinese, press this key to switch in between or even disable subtitle display.
8. MUTE: Press to mute the volume. 
9. MENU: Press MENU key to bring it to the main menu.
10. Navigation
Navigation keys consist LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN and OK keys.

l Use Navigation keys to move or search to right menu or file and press OK key to enter.
l Use Navigation keys to change number values from each column.
l While displaying files, use LEFT and RIGHT to bring up "SEEK" function and allow user to quickly move to specific point of time line.
l While displaying movies, if subtitles are available, use UP and DOWN keys to adjust time delay between subtitle and video. This is usefully method to get video and subtitle in sync.
11. BACK: Press this key to stop current action and bring back to previous screen.
12. PLAY &
Press once to play current file. If playing video or music, press one more time to pause current action.
13. VOL+: Volume adjustment from level 0 (Mute) to level 49 (Loudest).
14. VOL-: Volume adjustment from level 49 (Loudest) to level 0 (Mute).
15. TIME: Time code adjustment.
Useful key to jump to certain point of video or music file. Or use Chapter number to jump to specific chapter (file) of total files.

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